Indian Lesbian Wedding: A Likely Love Tale. Based on Shannon and Seema, there’s nothing awkward about their relationship.

Indian Lesbian Wedding: A Likely Love Tale. Based on Shannon and Seema, there’s nothing awkward about their relationship.

By Meenu Bahuguna Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013 | 10:30:19 IST

Whenever cupid extends to work, no energy on the planet can avoid the unforeseen from occurring. Shannon saw Seema and dropped in love instantly. Within some right time, Seema reciprocated. Now, six years once they came across, the 2 gorgeous ladies have actually discovered comfort and solemnity by firmly taking the sacred vows of marriage.

Shannon and Seema married in a traditional North Indian wedding ceremony with the rituals and traditions. Relatives and buddies thronged the ceremony and enjoyed every brief minute from it. For Shannon and Seema, the fact their own families and buddies wholeheartedly supported their relationship ended up being the biggest present they might log on to their big day.

Love at first sight!

Shannon first saw Seema whenever she had been teaching in just one of her boot camps. The minute Shannon set eyes in the girl that is beautiful she felt her heart flip over and stated, “This could be the woman my goal is to marry!”

That has been no claim that is ordinary in the past, same-sex marriages are not permitted in Ca, U.S. Nonetheless, forgotten had been the known undeniable fact that law will never allow them to satisfy. Forgotten ended up being the reality that the 2 ladies were from two cultures that are different faith and faith. Like they do say, whenever cupid hits, is upforit free absolutely nothing things. And, they fundamentally got hitched in June 2013 during the SmogShoppe in l . a ., Ca.

Just how various it absolutely was?

they truly are a typical few. They found solace, love blossomed, and they remained loyal to each other all through the half a dozen years when they made a commitment.

The ruling that is recent the court of Ca that made same-sex marriages appropriate, provided them the impetus to just take their relationship to a different degree.

Unconditional help

Exactly what surprises both of these lovely women is the flooding of support, admiration, and greatest desires which were pouring set for them from around the world. Before they knew it, they had become global figures although they meant their wedding to be a private affair, the photographs were made public and.

Seema and Shannon are glad that the headlines of these wedding went viral and believe that their move will probably encourage a great many other visitors to simply take the leap of faith and do whatever they actually have confidence in.

The big fat wedding

Spectators state that there is lots of love that consumed the SmogShoppe that night. Relatives and buddies arrived pouring in with smiles, hugs and rips. Seema, arrived in a palki with a normal Indian wedding track playing into the back ground. While, Shannon was included with a bouquet of plants and had been escorted by her mother.

The marriage ended up being simply the perfect amalgamation of Indian and wedding that is american. The important thing shows for the wedding were- sindoor, mandap, varmala, Indian sweets and also a panditji, as well as as bouquets, walking along the aisle last but not least the ‘kiss’ moments.

After fully exchanging the varmala, couple took pheras, applied sindoor, and took blessings by touching the elders’ foot. In terms of Shannon, “These traditions run deep into the Indian tradition and seeing them firsthand had been breathtaking and made me fall in deep love with Seema, much more.” From then on, they wandered down the aisle and lastly sneaked a kiss as true to culture that is american.

Meet the Newlyweds

The newlyweds additionally discuss courage. They state from doing something that you really want to do that you are courageous, if you feel fear but do not let it stop you. “If you love some body sufficient to spend your daily life using them, it is possible to produce just what you’ve got constantly imagined. Constantly follow your goals and produce the future you want,” claims the few.

Arriving at our culture

Well, we inhabit a society where let homosexual that is alone even love and inter-caste marriages are looked down upon by bulk. In a situation, where live-in relationships are condemned, married people without children are noticed as outcasts, and unmarried ladies in their 30s are not any not as much as a national problem, just how open are ‘WE’ in accepting ‘Shannon and Seemas’?

It has now been partially answered by our apex court. According to the Supreme court verdict on December 11, 2013- homointercourseual intercourse is an unlawful offense under area 377, a 19th century law banning intercourse from the purchase of nature.

Will India accept?

Homosexuals suffer from enormous social stigma, outright rejection of the intimate identities, and so are also compelled to marry individuals of the contrary intercourse. Same-sex wedding, as a notion is more or less a topic of ridicule and jokes.

Recognition is still a big problem for the ‘morality keepers’. Unless this dispute between mankind and hypocrisy wraps up, same-sex marriages will be a distant truth for Asia.

As this breathtaking couple gets in a new stage of these life, we desire them a blissful wedded life ahead. And, for several our visitors, we provide you with some more glimpses for this lovely wedding. Check out:

Graphics Courtesy: Steph Give Photography, Shannon & Seema Internet Site

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