In this page you can find the Thesis preparation guide and the available subjects.

Thesis Conditions :

  • Students must have successfully completed at least 3/4 of the curriculum (30 courses).
  • Have successfully completed the course “Research Methodology for Management.”.
  • They are enrolled in the semester.
  • Students must make a request to the Secretary for certification as they fulfill the conditions for taking a thesis in order to provide the supervisor (the certification must be there before the student contacts the Professor).
  • Requests for Thesis may be submitted at the period of the semester enrollment and no later than one month after the end of renewals of registrations by the Secretariat.

Thesis Approval :

  • All students follow the Thesis Regulation for final approval and presentation, whether the statement of the graduation took place before the publication of Regulation.
  • If the supervisor considers that the thesis is sufficient and meets the prescribed requirements, he/she informs the student that he can proceed with the formal submission. Then a written proposal is sent to the Department Chair Recommendation Trilateral Commission members from OP Department for evaluation. The application of the student submitting the thesis, including the approval of the supervisor and the proposal for a three-member evaluation committee is to be submitted to the Department of Justice. Attached to the application should be four (4) copies of the thesis and two (2) in electronic form (in word and not in the form of pdf) and the presentation of thesis (one copy) in electronic format (powerpoint).
  • At the end of the Thesis should be mentioned a signature of the following: “I hereby declare expressly that, in accordance with Article 8 of Law. 1599/1986 and Articles 2,4,6 par. 3 of Law. 1256/1982, this work product is exclusively personal work and does not infringe any form of copyright of third parties and not a product of partial or total copy, and the sources used are limited to References alone. “

Thesis Presentation

  • The president of the Department by a decision in consultation with the supervisor shall fix the date of presentation of thesis or other work in time course before the three-member committee of inquiry (Article 18, Fri the 7th). This presentation may attend all members OP and the School students.


The statements made to the Secretariat for “thesis statement” before the publication of Thesis Rules are valid until the end of the Spring semester. In the next semester if students have not completed the thesis they will follow the regulation on Statement new topic.

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