• You have completed the 7th semester.
  • You do not owe more than 12 courses
  • You have passed the specialty courses

Specialty Courses – Business Administration Department (old program)

  • Operations Research – 4th semester
  • Management Marketing – 4th semester
  • Information Systems Administration – 4th semester
  • Human Resource Management – 5th semester
  • Evaluation Investment Portfolio Management – 5th semester
  • Business Strategy – 6th semester

Specialty Courses – Department of Tourism Management and Hospitality Operations (old program)

  • Tourist Economy- 4th semester
  • Tourist Cruise Shipping; 4th semester
  • Cultural Influences on Tourism- 4th semester
  • Tourist Market Research-6th semester
  • Tourist Marketing- 6th semester
  • English Tourist Terminology- 7th semester

Specialty Courses – Business Department (new program)


If you qualify to make your internship follow the following procedure:

  • Select the Enterprise or Service of your interest:

Select an internship position through the Department (see below – website posting – Job internship).

Internship position selection via NSRF (contact office NSRF – Liaison Office on the ground floor of Building A).

Internship positioning of your own initiative.

  • Certificate from Business

The Company or the service gives confirmation that accepts you to make your internship, indicating the position you’ll occupy and fill the attached form POSITION INTERNSHIP.

  • Secretary Request

Make your application to the Secretary by submitting this certificate to the Enterprise or Service. Proper checking will follow.

If your application is approved by the internship committee, you’ll receive from the Secretary the following: (certificate of Enterprise or Service that you can practice – Three contracts, sealed and signed by you and the Enterprise or Service, and then by the University, one holds the Corporation, the second is for you and the third for the University).

When you provide the Secretary with the contracts (signatures) you’ll receive the Internships book and contact the professor that you have as supervisor.


Once the Internship comes to an end, submit the following to the Supervisor:

  • Confirmation from the Employer stating the start and end dates of internship and job field (signature and stamp from the employer).
  • Certification stamps from IKA or employer where you can see the space insurance (six months). Not required for those who do internships in the public sector.
  • The book of interniship completed for each day spent and signed at the end of the week by the student and the employer (with stamp and signature of the company).
  • Submitted to the Supervisor-professor that holds the above documents (Certificate of Employer-stamps-book practice).

**For any information-clarification, responsible is held your supervisor (professor) for the internship. If you’re not up to date or do not know the supervisor of your internship, you can contact the secretary to

The Internships Commission

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